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Mon 23.1.17
Vixen Velvet's Zombie Massacre (2015)
Ray N

Cover Art Porn actress Vixen Velvet wants to be a legitimate actress so hijacks her latest skin flick Zombie Gangbang II and tries to make a cult zombie film. But when real zombies appear things take a turn for the worst. Vixen Velvet’s Zombie Massacre is an Australian film shot in Dawson Canada! It is certainly not for everyone; it is bloody and gory, offensive and occasionally gross but it is also very funny so if it sounds interesting, check it out. . Sponsored by Atomic Movies.

Fri 20.1.17
Alien Outpost (Blu-ray) (2014)
Ray N

Alien Outpost is a quasi-documentary, a look at soldiers in an isolated outpost / fort on the Afghanistan / Pakistan border dealing with a hostile environment, barely seen enemies, their own fears, aspirations and insecurities, and aliens. This is Restrepo, with aliens added. . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

Thu 19.1.17
When They Cry - Rei (2009)
Ray N

When They Cry - Rei is a collection of three OAVs with not much in common with the events depicted in the original two seasons of When They Cry. One for fans. . Sponsored by Atomic Movies.

Wed 18.1.17
Reptile, The (Blu-ray) (1966)
Ray N

Released in 1966, The Reptile is rather an underrated Hammer production. It has none of the major Hammer stars but is well made, well-acted, atmospheric and scary with a satisfying climax. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

Tue 17.1.17
Mechanic: Resurrection (Blu-ray) (2016)

Statham is a great action star and there is some enjoyment to derive from Mechanic: Resurrection, but on the whole it's limp and by-the-numbers. Roadshow's Blu-ray is merely adequate. The technical presentation is fine, but there aren't many extras. I can't recommend this one - it's strictly for Statham completists. . Sponsored by DVD Buzz.

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