Top Ten Signs That You Are A DVD Junkie

This list is compiled from various posts in Authors are credited at the end, except for MrDJ who started this most entertaining thread so he gets two credits. This is one of the best (and funniest) threads I have ever read on

You know you're a DVD junkie if...

  1. You buy DVDs because they have great "demo" scenes
  2. You know who Bill Hunt is
  3. Warner has written telling you that you have exceeded your limit of free DVDs
  4. You have written Dreamworks (or Fox or Paramount), demanding they support open DVD
  5. You bought a movie you don't really like that much, just because it has a new 5.1 soundtrack
  6. You have been to Montgomery Wards recently
  7. You know what I refer to when I say, "The Diva scene"
  8. You can spell or pronounce "anamorphic"
  9. You can define anamorphic
  10. YOU READ THIS POST (and replied with your own Top Ten sign)
  11. You have a "Die Divx" bumper sticker
  12. You buy movies you thought sucked and suddenly they become quite enjoyable because it's on a dvd.
  13. Your wife now loves DVD because she realises that you will even watch 'chick flicks' with her, but only to check out the transfer and sound quality
  14. When you have the list DVDs you will purchase 2 months before their release date.
  15. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you haven't purchased at least one DVD in one or two weeks.
  16. You bought ten discs before your player arrived.
  17. You've maxed out a credit card on DVD purchases.
  18. Your order history page on DVD Express has a "Next Page" button.
  19. You have purchased another copy of a movie you already have because it was a great deal.
  20. You bought several DVDs before you owned a DVD player...
  21. You bought a DVD player before you had a TV with S-Video inputs...
  22. You went broke BUYING a TV with S-video inputs...
  23. You bumped off a family member and cashed in the insurance policy for a Dolby Digital reciever...
  24. You realized that you don't have to spend $27 dollars at a theater to see an out-of-focus-sound-too-low movie surrounded by cying babies who smoke pot and kick your chair...
  25. You REALLY wanna buy Monster Cable but you're scared of meeting one of the posters who hates it...
  26. You canceled your cable service since you don't watch it anymore...
  27. You know who DaViD Anderson is...
  28. You wish you DIDN'T know who DaViD Anderson is...
  29. You now hate the man who gave you more entertaining films than any other director in your youth,Mr. Divx himself...Lil' Stevie Spielberg!
  30. You've taken a night-class in mathematics to better understand ratios.
  31. You don't confuse DVDs with men's underwear
  32. You've boycotted an electronics store
  33. You've boycotted a studio
  34. When you hear the term "VHS", you cringe as though someone scraped a chalkboard with their fingernails.
  35. You now think of "Double-D's" as Dolby Digital, rather than bra size.
  36. You end your signature with a .1.
  37. Your friends/family are impressed that you have artifacts
  38. You DIDN'T buy the VHS version of "Titanic"
  39. Someone asks "Want some Pop?" and you reply "No thanks I just need 4"
  40. You purchase a DD"Ready" receiver a year before you actually get your DVD player...
  41. You backorder "Das Boot" from Suncoast video three weeks before your new credit card with which you will purchase your DVD player comes in.
  42. You constantly read back copies of "Video" and "Home Theater" magazines, reading DVD disc reviews over and over, until you know them by heart....
  43. You consider boycotting "Video" magazine until they fire that pro-DIVX %$##% Ken C. Pohlman....
  44. You KNOW who Ken C. Pohlman is...
  45. You make a point of dropping in the Circuit City store in the mall every time you are there just to harass the employees.."You're not REALLY gonna promote this DIVX garbage, are you?????"
  46. You pop in your widescreen VHS version of Total Recall into your VCR and pretend it's a DVD, waiting for the day......
  47. You put postings on other newsgroups promoting DVD over DIVX (like, "Would you rather see Buffy the Vampire slayer on DVD, or DIVX," "B5 on DVD or DIVX" "If you were in a bomb shelter after a nuclear war, would you rather have DVD, or
  48. ....." You get the picture.)
  49. Your plans for a dream home now include (as a priority) a theater in the home (as opposed to merely "Home theater") with a Runco front projector, authentic theater seats, posters, a popcorn machine and candy counter with raisinettes, goobers, junior mints, etc, a coke fountain, Sunfire receivers, amps, and subwoofers, and a color LCD touchpad that controls several Runco 200-disc DVD players(which have built-in SCSI drives), which should be enough to collect most of the movies made by man
  50. You waste many hours each week on this newsgroup!.
  51. You reconfigure your browser to start at the
  52. You find yourself drooling over the terms 16:9, 5.1, commentary track
  53. You look for excuses to go into Montgomery Wards
  54. You hide dvd purchases from the wife
  55. You hide dvd purchases from your kids
  56. You stop sneaking out to play golf so you can sneak out to buy dvd's
  57. You know what an AC500 is
  58. You're on a first name basis with the UPS guy
  59. You can recite layer changes of every dvd you own (and some you don't)
  60. You have dvd's that you haven't even unwrapped, but still keep buying more
  61. You know what RSDL stands for (bonus: you know what the first RSDL DVD was)
  62. You slip terms like "sixteen-by-nine downconversion artifact" into casual conversation
  63. You berate your lowbrow friends for having the sharpness turned up on their TV, saying "go back to Circuit City where you belong!"
  64. You assume that someone will be insulted by an insinuation that he shops at Circuit City
  65. You get butterflies in your stomach when watching a Columbia or Tri-Star film in the theaters because you know the DVD's video quality will really kick ass
  66. APOLLO 13 launch scene: 25 viewings; rest of movie, 2.5 viewings
  67. You find yourself wishing that brilliant movies like L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and TWELVE MONKEYS had more kewl demo scenes
  68. You go to at least two A/V shows a year, mostly to see how great your DVDs "will" look once you get that $30,000 Snell and Wilcox Interpolator and $20,000 Runco projector to replace your $500 27" TV
  69. You have seen parts of THE FIFTH ELEMENT on at least one million dollars of A/V equipment
  71. You think CASINO was Scorcese's best film, since after all, it's 16x9-enhanced, one-side RSDL with DD5.1 sound
  72. You have bought DVD's "sight unseen" (i.e. without ever having seen the movie)
  73. You sneak out on you wife in the labor room while you make a quick trip to Ward's (hey, it was early in the process & I was going out to get something to eat!)
  74. You lose your DVD remote and immediately think "new player" instead of waiting to find it or replace it.
  75. You go out and buy 7 DVD movies in one night, and 5 of them are movies you haven't even seen yet.


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