Top 9 Things I Found MOST Irritating About Godzilla

I went to see Godzilla with an open mind. Unfortunately, it was the most inane and ridiculous movie I have ever seen. So bad, in fact, that I have been moved to create this page - it started off as the Top 5 things, but I kept thinking of REALLY BAD things to add in. Here's someone else's opinion. And here's 9 reasons for liking Godzilla (well sort of). I am now collecting links to Godzilla reviews - a very entertaining pastime. See the bottom of the page.

9. The reuse (3 times) of the footage of the Japanese man having a cigarette lighter waved under his nose saying "Gojira...Gojira...Gojira". Seeing it once was bad enough but the footage just had to be recycled twice.

8. The sheer stupidity of Matthew Broderick apparently not realizing he is standing in a huge footprint. Is he blind, or is he stupid (or is it just the audience)?

7. The childish attempted attack on Siskel & Ebert. Just because the critics don't like previous movies you have done (eg Independence Day - another stinker which I will write up sooner or later) does not give you the right to attempt to insult them in your next movie. This shows gross disrespect to your audience who would rather see Hollywood bitchiness off screen rather than pay to see it presented on screen.

6. The really inane side plot of the French secret agent's quest for a good cup of coffee. Was this supposed to be an attempt at humour? Guess what, it wasn't funny.

5. The videotape labelled "Top Secret". Get serious!

4. The obvious errors of scale. A monster that is as tall as a skyscraper and yet fits into subway tunnels. Hmmmm, must be his special "shrinko" powers that we weren't told about.

3. Audrey (Matthew Broderick's 'love interest'). How insipid and puerile can a character yet? Godzilla chomping Audrey (or maybe they could even have the plant from Little Shop Of Horrors do it) - I'd like to see that!

2. The blatant product placements. If I want to see an ad for Blockbuster Video or Swatch, I will turn on my television. The worst part about these product placements is that the action just STOPS while they have their 30 second ad spot. This movie is the worst example of this that I have seen to date (paying to see advertisements does NOT appeal to me).

1. That #$%@ rain!

Rating 0/10
© Michael Demtschyna
Any comments?

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