Film Artefacts

    Film artefacts are imperfections in the image caused by imperfections in the source material. These can be broadly categorized into two categories - negative artefacts (white) and positive artefacts (black). These imperfections can be dirt on the source material, scratches, flecks of film emulsion that have fallen off the film stock, or even hairs caught in the telecine machine.

    White artefacts are generally far more visible and irritating than black artefacts.

Full Image

Outland 22:28

Close-up of top left hand corner
Jeremiah Johnson 3:00

Close-up of bottom centre
Fargo 00:40

Close-up of top centre

GoodFellas Side B 4:02

Close-up of top centre. Note the black line running through the middle of this image which is much more evident when blown up to TV size.