The Life of Birds (1998)

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Released 4-Jun-2001
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This magnificent new series from David Attenborough celebrates the incredible variety of the world's best loved creatures and provides fresh insight into their fascinating ways of life.
To Fly Or Not To Fly. Birds first took to the air one hundred and fifty million years ago. When the dinosaurs disappeared, some birds abandoned flight and made a bid to take over the earth. And some are still doing so today.
The Mastery Of Flight. Speed, endurance and unrivalled agility are the hallmarks of the aces of the skies. But what are the secrets of their aeronautical skills?
The Insatiable Appetite. A huge diversity of bill shapes and sizes have evolved to cope with all the most difficult-to-find foods. Even so, some birds have to use tools to help them.
Finding Partners. Extraordinary displays and bizarrely beautiful mating rituals play a vital part in the crucial business of attracting - and keeping - a mate.
The Demands Of The Egg. The drive to reproduce is fraught with danger, from the battle for a nest site to the unrelenting threat of predators.
The Problems of Parenthood. With insatiable appetites to provide for and the need for unfailing vigilance, bringing up baby is a full-time job that requires some very special skills.
The Limits Of Endurance. In the unending struggle for survival, changes and disasters wrought by both nature and man create new challenges that must constantly be met and overcome.
Meat-Eaters. Flesh is a rich source of energy, but both hunters and scavengers need incredble strategies and skills to compete for their elusive prey.
Fishing For A Living. The earth's vast areas of fresh and salt water are a cornucopia of millions of birds from humble filter feeders to majestic fish eagles.
Signals and Songs. Communication - by beautiful songs and extraordinary paterns of colour - makes everything possible, from deterring predators and intimidating rivals, to impressing potential mates.
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David Attenborough
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Joanna Sarsby
Steven Faux
Ian Butcher
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Documentary 1998 497:20 (Case: 490) 576i (PAL) 2 4
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English Dolby Digital 2.0 (224Kb/s)
English for the Hearing Impaired
Main Menu Audio & Animation, Featurette-Additional Footage (42:34 in total)
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