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The Goodies-Volume 1 (1970)

The Goodies-Volume 1 (1970)

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Released 1-Sep-2003
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The Goodies was written by and starred Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie and was an instant success with its mixture of outrageous humour and visual effects. The characters were instantly recognisable stereotypes: Tim, the champion of everything British, Bill the bearded hippie in his rebel combat jacket and Graeme, the mad scientist dreaming up new and impossible schemes. Together they were the Goodies, complete with their own unique style of transport - a three-seater tandem. With thousands of fans around the world, one of their greatest fans was Prince Charles who even offered to play himself in the episode "The Existence of Rolf Harris".


Tower of London
The Goodies’ first assignment is to find out who is stealing the Beefeater’s beef –and more importantly, why. T steal the crown jewels is the answer, but when the Goodies set a trap, the burglar turns out to be the last person they’d suspect.

Gender Education
Mrs Desiree Carthorse asks the Goodies to produce a “Gender Education Film”, but dismisses it as too rude without even watching it (her usual practice). Bill rebels against the sheer niceness of it all and begins producing video nasties for the BBC –until he blows up the BBC television center.

Kitten Kong
(1972 Montreux Special) The Goodies are running a veterinary clinic, and Graeme develops a super pet food to boost the animals’ health – and the size of a hitherto harmless fluffy little kitten.

The Goodies and the Beanstalk
Cricklewood, 1973: Poverty stricken, the Goodies sell their tandem for a tin of beans – which when planted grows into a giant beanstalk leading up to Mt Everest to the giant’s castle where the golden eggs are laid. But before the Goodies can become rich, they must battle with the giant.


Kung Fu Kapers
Bill reveals he is a master of the ancient Lancashire martial art of Ecky-Thump. The effectiveness of Eck-Thump leads to a craze sweeping the nation, which Bill intends to exploit by taking over “Parliament”. The only way to stop him is by adding a remote control to his secret weapon – black puddings.

Lighthouse Keeping Loonies
The Goodies are employed for a little lighthouse keeping and are subsequently stranded in a lighthouse. When they run out of oil for the lighthouse they dig for some – and send the lighthouse into orbit.

To solve the world’s problems, it is agreed to blow it up at midnight on Christmas Eve. The Goodies spend their last minutes trying to come to terms with their inner feelings, skateboards Jane Fonda and childhood regression.

Saturday Night Grease
Tim is locked up after touching a woman at a disco, against the no mixed dancing rules. Bill’s Disco Bilius (so exclusive that there are no patrons) runs a mixed dancing competition so that, as there will be no competitors, the prize money put up by the BBC will default to Bill. But the BBC is hanging on to its money, so Tim is bailed out to win the prize for him.
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