720pReviews Help

The coverage of high definition video is currently a vexed question. On the one hand, high definition discs are beginning to be released, both on HD DVD and on Blu-ray. On the other, there is very little hardware capable of displaying the full resolution (1080p) of these discs without downscaling. Limitations are present both on the player side and on the display side of the equation.

This situation is unlikely to resolve itself in the near future.

As an interim measure here at Michael D's, we have decided to allow reviewers already on our team with 720p resolution equipment to review high definition discs so that we can at least begin to cover these new formats.

As true 1080p players and displays become more readily available, we will steadily migrate to these to do our high definition reviews.

We believe this decision is the right one at this point in time, and the one that is most in the best interests of our readers.

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