Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Open Range (2003)R1

    I have it seems been a little too forgiving of inadequate Region 4 releases in a few previous reviews. Well let me tell you that I will not under any circumstances forgive the travesty of our local extras package. Not since I learned I had missed out on the brilliant hour long documentary on the Region 4 Apollo 13 release have I been so ropable about missing out on extras.

    The Region 1 is a 2-disc Special Edition, and we miss out on the following:

  • English DTS 5.1 track
  • French Dolby Stereo 2.0 track
  • Audio commentary with director/actor Kevin Costner
  • Beyond Open Range - an apparently fantastic, hour long documentary that delves into many aspects of the filmmaking process
  • Deleted scenes, with optional introductions by Costner - about thirty minutes worth
  • Storyboarding Open Range - six minutes detailing the storyboarding process used in preproduction
  • America's Open Range - twelve minute featurette narrated by Costner that details the history of the real open range

    Our Dolby Digital track is wonderful and whilst I would generally favour a DTS option that doesn't concern me anywhere near as much as the complete annihilation of the Region 4 extras package. I can do nothing else but tell anyone who loves this film to buy the Region 1 release. The video quality is apparently excellent, though I would suggest not as good as ours, but in every other respect it is the more desirable edition.