Region 4 Winners and Losers

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In AmericaR4

    Many reviewers of the Region 1 DVD have spoken of its tremendous clarity and some have gone as far as to label it as 'near flawless'. I didn't use those adjectives to describe our transfer and wonder whether we have been shortchanged or perhaps we are just harsher critics south of the equator. Hard to say.

    The Region 4 version of this DVD misses out on:

  • French and Spanish Dolby Stereo 2.0 tracks
  • Brief 'making-of' featurette (5:01)
  • 1.33 Pan & Scan transfer

    The Region 1 misses out on:

  • 20 minute 'A Personal Journey' featurette
  • subtitled Director's commentary

    Personally I would go for the Region 4 considering the better extras package and PAL transfer, however if the Region 1 transfer is actually superior to ours you may want to consider that, remembering cost must be taken into account.