Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Old YellerR1

    From the moment I saw the specifications for the Region 4 DVD, I knew that there was never going to be a chance in hell that I would be able to recommend the Region 4 release. There was no chance that it could be recommended even if it came made on a disc of gold and there was a fifty buck note stuffed into the front cover. Just so that you can be utterly depressed, the Region 1 release comes with the following extras not available on the Region 4 release:

  • Audio Commentary - Tommy Kirk, Fess Parker, Bob Weatherwax and Kevin Corcoran
  • Animated Short - Bone Trouble
  • Trailers - six Disney films
  • THX Optimiser
  • Featurette - Conversations With Tommy Kirk
  • Featurette - Lost Treasure: Ranch Of The Golden Oak
  • Audio Only Track - Radio Spots
  • Audio Only Track - Sound Studio: Travis Meets Yeller
  • Audio Only Track - Sound Studio: Bear Attack!
  • Audio Only Track - Story Album
  • Gallery - Disney's Treasury of Classic Tales: Old Yeller
  • Biographies - Cast
  • Featurette - The Best Doggone Dog In The World
  • Featurette - News Segment: Old Yeller Memorial

    I have over the near five years I have been reviewing for this site reviewed many pathetic excuses for DVD releases in Region 4. I have seen some utter travesties foisted upon Region 4 too. Okay, we did gain a soundtrack over the Region 1 release but really I completely fail to understand why it is thought acceptable to issue a two disc set in Region 1 loaded to the gunwales with extras and then think it acceptable to treat Region 4 inhabitants with disdain by issuing a single disc option missing many of the best extras. I am no great fan of extras, as regular readers will well know, but when you see such a vast gulf between Region 1 and Region 4 it is extremely difficult to limit the extent of the vitriol that should deservedly be thrown at Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

    Pathetic? Nowhere near strong enough. Disgusting? Nowhere near accurate enough. Avoidable? Well, duh! This is so short-changing a release that not only should it be avoided but we should in this instance be burning the bloody Region 4 DVDs in the streets - as a sign of the strongest possible protest.