Region 4 Winners and Losers

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There was a version of this movie released in Region 1 way back in 1998 by Anchor Bay. It was a bad release: possibly in the wrong aspect ratio, not 16x9 enhanced, poor quality video and sound. It has been discontinued. There's a new release, this time from Fox. It sounds a lot like this one, with the correct aspect ratio and 16x9 enhancement, but it includes a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. Interestingly, reports have it that the 5.1 track has very little more directionality than the 2.0 track (the one we have, that they get, too). The R1 also includes subtitles (a notable omission from this R4 disc). The R1 disc gets just as many extras as the R4 disc precisely zero. There is one anomaly: both the R1 discs are listed as having run-times significantly shorter than this R4. Indeed, the run-time of the film on IMDb is listed as 97 minutes, while this disc runs 101 minutes that's difficult to explain.

I think we have a tie here, although I am tempted to award the gold-plated rubber chicken to the Region 1, just because it has English subtitles I don't like to see releases in Region 4 that miss out on subtitles in English.