Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Shrek 2R4
    Aside from an NTSC transfer and couple of bonus trailers, the Region 1 disc appears to be identical in content to the Region 4 single disc edition. Region 4 also has a 2-Disc Special Edition available, which includes the following bonus material:
  • Music video- "Puss In Boots"
  • "Learn How to Burp with Shrek and Fiona"
  • Featurette- Learn to Draw
  • Featurette- The Making of Far Far Away Idol
  • Featurette- Shrek 2 Around The World
  • Storyboard to Screen: The Dinner Scene; Puss In Boots In The Forest
  • Special "Pop-Up Book" packaging, with buttons that activate spoken lines from Donkey

    If you're a big fan of the film, the Region 4 2-Disc SE is definitely the way to go.