Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Prince & Me, The=

    The Region 1 release from Paramount is pretty much the same as the Region 4 release, the only appreciable difference being variances in the soundtrack and subtitles options. Note that apparently there are two separate releases in Region 1: one is widescreen and the other is Pan and Scan.

    I am guessing that the Region 2 releases will be similar to the Region 4, although I have not seen any details of the UK release yet. I have found reference to the Danish release, which is substantially different to the Region 4 (although my Danish being virtually non-existent I am guessing pretty heavily here). It would appear that it is devoid of all the extras on the Region 4 release, but does contain trailers for The Prince & Me, The Cooler, My Baby's Daddy and Jersey Girl. Obviously we can ignore the Region 2 Danish release.

    There would seem to be nothing significant to favour the Region 1 release over the Region 4 release.