Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Fog, The (1980)R1

    The Region 1 (Special Edition) of this film includes some substantial extra features.

    The Region 4 release misses out on:

  • Additional 1.33:1 version of the film
  • Original mono soundtrack
  • Commentary track by John Carpenter and co-writer Debra Hill
  • , recorded for the Laserdisc release in 1995, and which is apparently very good
  • Tales from the Mist: The Fog documentary running for close to half an hour
  • Fear on Film: Inside The Fog featurette running for around ten minutes
  • Storyboard Comparison
  • Outtakes
  • Behind the Scenes footage
  • Original Trailers
  • TV spots
  • Booklet

    The Region 1 release misses out on nothing.

    The Region 1 release is the clear winner for those of you who wish to buy the film.