Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Jack the Ripper (Der Dirnenmörder von London) (1976)R2UK
    Most regions seem to contain the same remastered transfer, but offer different language options. The Region 2 German and Region 1 Canadian versions are censored, and more than likely are not remastered.

    The Region 1 release contains the following additional features, but lacks English subtitles:

  • Additional Dolby Digital mono soundtracks in French, Italian and the original German
  • Extended scene (only six seconds long)
  • Trailer- Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun

    As well as the cringe-inducing English dub, the Region 2 UK release also includes:

  • Original German mono soundtrack
  • English subtitles

    The original Swiss VIP release of this transfer appears to be contained on a dual layered disc. I don't have another Region's disc on hand for comparison, but I suspect that this Region 4 release has been tinkered with - removing soundtracks and lowering the video bitrate in order to fit it onto a single layered disc. If you want to make the purchase, buy the Region 2 Anchor Bay release instead.