Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Dreamers, The (2003)R4

The Region 1 DVD of this film was released in both R-rated and NC-17-rated versions I looked at the NC-17 version. It is essentially the same as this Region 4 disc (although it receives an Australian R rating our R allows more than theirs), including the same extras.

I noticed one slight change in dialogue on the Region 1 DVD: at 50:34 the word "sweat" has been substituted for "spunk". So much for their "original uncut NC-17 edition"! The subtitles on the R1 mention when there are songs, but the R4 subtitles identifies the songs (that's nice).

The Region 1 transfer has a distinctly orange cast in places, with bright reds coming out more orange. The Region 4 transfer looks better, but the difference is not huge: if you have the Region 1, don't feel obliged to run out and buy the R4.