Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Chasing PapiR1

    In comparison to the Region 1 release, the Region 4 release misses out on:

  • Featurette - Todo Papi
  • Audio Commentary - Linda Mendoza (Director), Roselyn Sanchez, Sofia Vergara, Eduardo Verastegui (Actors) and Xaiver Perez Grobet (Cinematographer)
  • Additional Full Frame version of the film

    The Region 1 release also has a Spanish soundtrack (way too logical for a Latina film). If you need to see the film, then frankly the Region 1 release is far ahead of the Region 4 and probably comes a cheaper price.

    There is a Region 2 release in Norway but since I cannot understand Norwegian and any of the online translators are so poor as to make the review I found even more unintelligible, unfortunately I cannot tell you much about it. Most likely it is similar to the Region 4 release however.