Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Remember Me (Ricordati di me)R2E

    The US Region 1 DVD is scheduled for release in March 2005 and has a slightly different title: Remember Me, My Love. I have not seen any reviews nor any specifications for this DVD.

    The Italian Region 2 release has English subtitles on both feature and extras and is a two-disc set. Disc two has the extras, and there are some additional extras not available on the Region 4:

  • Backstage documentary on the preliminary screening of the film
  • 4 additional deleted scenes
  • 2 more audition sequences
  • Rehearsal scenes
  • 5 theatrical trailers
  • Interview with the editor
  • Photo Gallery
  • Two music videos
  • Cast and crew biographies in Italian

    Looks like the Region 2 is the best release of the film, particularly as the Region 4 is just a rental at the moment.