Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Bad Girls (1994)=

    The film has yet to be released in Region 1, although an extended version is due out on 1st February, 2005. Details are somewhat sketchy, but the old laserdisc release of the film was of an extended version of the film and ran 100 minutes - equivalent to around 96 minutes in PAL format, so presumably the version we have here is the extended version and will be the same as the Region 1 release. Interestingly, that laserdisc release had an extra in the form of a featurette - How the Bad Girls Conquered the West.

    I am guessing that the Region 2 releases will be similar to the Region 4, although I have not seen any English reviews of the Region 2 (UK) release yet and cannot understand the review for the Region 2 (Dutch) release. However, taking a stab at translation, the summary of the DVD would indicate that it is the same DVD as what we have in Region 4. In the absence of any overwhelming information one way or the other, this one is even until proven otherwise.