Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Destination TokyoR1

    Destination Tokyo is included in the Region 1 release The Cary Grant Signature Collection, which is the closest Region 1 equivalent to the Region 4 The Cary Grant Collection. It is, however, also available separately for those wanting just this film, an option not yet available in Region 4. It is very similar to the Region 4 release barring a variation in the trailers: unlike the four available on this Region 4 version, the Region 1 version presents nine different trailers. It would appear that the general quality of the release is on a par with the Region 4.

    I have not been able to verify any other releases of the film on DVD, although presumably the same release will be forthcoming in Region 2. On the strength of the additional trailers however, the Region 1 release would be the version of choice on a technicality at the moment.