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Cary Grant Collection, TheR1

    There is no real equivalent Region 1 release of this collection. There is however a very similar release, which features an exceedingly similar slick cover, known as The Cary Grant Signature Collection. In most respects it is a far more satisfying collection than this Region 4 effort. Why? For the simple reason that it includes five films that we had not previously seen on DVD of which two are common with this Region 4 release: Destination Tokyo and Night And Day. The other three films on that Region 1 release - Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Batchelor And The Bobby-Soxer and My Favorite Wife - represent some of the very best comedies made by Cary Grant. Whilst both collections are slightly let down by the inclusion of Destination Tokyo and Night And Day, on the balance I would have much preferred the Region 4 release to include those great comedies that were included in the Region 1 release. Still, it does I suppose create some expectation of a second collection that will include those great films, and I sincerely hope that we do see further collections sooner rather than later.