Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Day at the Races, AR4

The Region 1 version of this disc is included in a collection with the same artwork as the collection that includes this Region 4 disc. The Region 1 version of the collection does include two more movies: the Region 4 collection is missing A Night in Casablanca and Room Service. I do not know why these films were omitted, but the effect is that we don't have any double-sided discs in our collection, and that's good.

The Region 1 disc has a couple of additional extras, but they are audio-only: the song outtake A Message From of the Man in the Moon, and a Leo is on the Air radio promo. These are not important extras, by comparison.

The Region 1 transfer is pretty much the same as the Region 4, but the lower resolution of NTSC makes the grainy picture look a bit worse, and there seems to be a pattern of fine vertical scratching it makes it look like rain is falling at times. The only advantage it has is very slightly better shadow detail.

I definitely prefer the Region 4 packaging it puts 5 discs into the space that would be occupied by two regular cases it has one disc on the back, and two flaps with a disc on each side. The Region 1 packaging has five conventional one-disc cases in a cardboard slip cover.