Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
At the Circus (1939)R4

The Region 1 collection of Marx Brothers films contains 7 films. The Region 4 collection has only 5. Both collections are 5 discs, however. The Region 1 disc containing At the Circus is a double-sided disc, with Room Service on the other side. What we have here in Region 4 is essentially the At the Circus side of that double-sided disc even the extras are the same.

The Region 1 transfer isn't quite as good as the Region 4 it is a bit harsher in contrast, shows slightly less shadow detail, and some excess edge enhancement; it also seems to have more film artefacts (more white flecks). I prefer the Region 4.

It's hard to justify buying a 5 movie collection over a 7 movie collection, but I do prefer the quality of the R4 transfers...