Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Mon OncleR1

    The Region 1 release of this film comes from Criterion. The Region 1 also includes the same short, plus a video introduction to the film by Monty Python's Terry Jones. There is also an essay in the DVD insert. As far as I can tell, the print quality appears to be about the same as the Region 4, but none of the reviews I read mention the aliasing issues.

    The film has also been released by the BFI in the UK (Region 2). It appears to have similar specifications to the Region 4, but without the short film. The same appears to be the case for the French Region 2 release, but it does not appear to have English subtitles.

    There is a Swedish Region 2 release, which also includes the Tati short Soigne ton gauche, but there are no English subtitles. The Italian release has just French and Italian audio tracks, and appears to have no subtitles whatsoever.

    Given that AV Channel seem to license a lot of their transfers from overseas releases, I would not be surprised if the Region 4 release was taken from the BFI or Criterion material.