Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Good Bye Lenin!R2G

    Good Bye Lenin! was released in Region 1 (US) by Columbia TriStar a few months ago. In comparison, the Region 4 release is missing:

  • Audio Commentary - Wolfgang Becker (Director)
  • Audio Commentary - Daniel Bruhl and Katrin Sass (Actors) et al
  • Deleted Scenes with optional commentary from the director
  • Featurette - Lenin Learns to Fly
  • Featurette - Uncut "Aktuelle Kamera" Broadcasts
  • Trailers for Bon Voyage, Kaena and Monsieur Ibrahim

    All the extras on the Region 1 (US) release feature English subtitles. The Region 1 release misses out on:

    On the balance, the extras available on the Region 1 release are substantially better than the modest collection available on the Region 4 release. The Region 1 (Canadian) release adds an additional French Dolby Digital 5.1 dub soundtrack and French subtitles for the feature, but loses all the trailers. On the balance it is a better proposition than the Region 4 release but not better than the Region 1 (US) release.

    There are an absolute plethora of releases available in Region 2. The pick of the bunch would probably be the German 3 disc Deluxe Edition in terms of content, although I am presuming (based upon my lousy German) that it comes without English subtitles. It seems to include the two soundtrack options of the Region 4 release, but gains the two audio commentaries as well as an Audio Description for the Blind. The main additions comprise three additional Featurettes - one of 75 minutes, one of 16 minutes and a Making of running 71 minutes - to complement the two efforts included on the Region 1 release. If you don't need English subtitles on everything then this would be the release to go for. The "ordinary" German release has just a six channel soundtrack, the two audio commentaries and the audio description, along with a few other minor extras. If you don't need English subtitles, this would still be better than the Region 4 release. If you do need English subtitles however, the Region 1 (US) release remains unsurpassed.

    The United Kingdom release from Fox is definitely the one to avoid. It features the same soundtrack options as the Region 4 but the only extras are a trailer for the film plus a trailer for a British film, The Swimming Pool. The whole release falls down due to the burned in subtitles. At least the Region 4 release is better than the United Kingdom release!