Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Dark Crystal, The: Collector's EditionR1

    There are several versions available. The Region 2 version is the same as this, except that it includes a German stereo audio track and a French and Spanish dual mono audio track, but includes only English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch subtitles rather than the large number of subtitles in Region 4.

    There are three separate versions available in Region 1. A Superbit edition that is extra-free, but has an English DTS 5.1 audio track and English and Spanish (only) subtitle track. The "Special Edition" includes the extras featured above, as well as the European trailer and trailers for Labyrinth and Jim Henson's Storyteller, but is missing the storyboard gallery and the character illustrations. In addition to the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track, this version has a Dolby Digital Pro Logic 2.0 track, the original 2.0 dual mono track and an isolated score soundtrack. Its subtitles are in English and Spanish only. Finally, the Region 1 "Collector's Edition" is the same as ours, except it is shown in NTSC format (all Region 1 versions of this disc are NTSC), includes the European, Labyrinth and Jim Henson's Storyteller trailers, English and Spanish (only) subtitles, the Pro Logic 2.0 and Dual Mono audio tracks, includes a senitype film cell and a physical reproduction of Jim Henson's original notebook. Note: although I understand that something similar to the notebook reproduction is included with the Region 4 version, none was provided for review, so I'm detailing the differences I know about.

    From this, unless you require subtitles in one of the languages catered for on the Region 4 disc other than English, I would have to recommend one of the three Region 1 versions.