Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Jour de Fête=

   Strangely, I could not find any information relating to an R1 version of the film. I did however discover an R2 UK version. It is basically the same as this all region version minus the Madman Propaganda trailers. It also contains subtitles for the hard of hearing, which the R4 version does not.

  There is also an R2 French NTSC version. This contains quite a few extras that are missing from this all region version. The extras include; L'ecole des facteurs, (the short film I mentioned earlier), information on the colouring of the film, critiques and a filmography.

  Another excellent version I discovered is an R2 PAL version from Finland. This version contains subtitles in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish, with extras including Jacques Tati's short films: Soigne Ton Gauche (1936) (11:53), L'Ecole des Facteurs (1947) (14:25), Cours du Soir (1967) (26:30); and Jacques Tati biography (9 page in English). This version would be the clear winner for French-speaking Tati fans.

    I'd stick with this all region version.