Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Steel Angel Kurumi 2-Volume 2: Earth's Guardian Angels=

I bought the Region 1 version of this disc at release, back in 2003. It is essentially the same as this one. The packaging is a little different...

The Region 1 disc cover starts with a shot of Saki and Karinka in Steel Angel uniform (we get this shot in miniposter form). But if you open the cover you can discover that the school uniforms are on an acetate sheet, and can be removed. Underneath, you'll find the girls in their underwear (a pose we get as the inside of the reversible cover). And inside the package you'll find a second acetate sheet with their school uniforms so you can dress them that way, too that's the shot we get on the cover (I like it). The inside of their cover slick shows the image of Uruka and Saki in bed (we get this on the other side of the miniposter).

I think Madman were clever: we get all the images that the Region 1 package offers, but we get them in a more convenient form lining up that acetate sheet is fiddly.

The transfers on the Region 1 and Region 4 are pretty much the same the Region 4 has interleaving, but the Region 1 has a bit more aliasing. Neither is hard to watch.

This is a case where you can happily buy either version, and get pretty much the same thing. Only an obsessive collector would buy both (err, yes, I have done so...).