Region 4 Winners and Losers

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    It would appear that the single DVD Region 1 release is nothing like the same as the Region 4 release. The Region 4 release apparently misses out on:
  • Audio Commentary by Roy Disney and others
  • Archival Interview material by Walt Disney
  • Featurette - The Making Of Fantasia
  • THX certification
  • Additional DTS soundtrack
    I take it that you are not expecting me to recommend the Region 4 release over the Region 1? For aficionados of the film, the Region 1 release is by far the best option for getting the film and it is a travesty that we in Region 4 are not apparently going to see all the extras on the Region 1 release of the film. This is one instance where I strongly urge you to go Region 1 if at all possible. Does anyone know whether this is a dual coded Region1/Region 4 DVD like others Disney have been known to issue to satisfy the South American market?