Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Sea Inside, The (Mar Adentro)R2E
    The Region 1 release appears to be identical to ours as far as extras are concerned, however their video transfer does not contain burned-in English subtitles. Region 1 also has two additional trailers; A Very Long Engagement and Vera Drake. The Region 2 UK release also appears to be identical in features to the Region 4 disc.

    Some other Region 2 European releases spread the content over two discs and include a dts audio option. A two disc edition with optional English subtitles on both the film and commentary would be ideal, however the status of the European releases is unclear.

    As far as this Region 4 package is concerned, it is at least one rare case of the new OFLC rating classification actually matching the intended cover art. It still doesn't make me like them any more, though. If you're multi-region capable I would advise you to shop around for this one.