Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Akira: Special EditionR1

    The feature list for the Region 1 two disc package is long. The extra features that are not included on the Region 4 disc are:

  • Akira Sound Clip (20 minutes) - about the score
  • Interview with Director (30 minutes)
  • Production Materials (4500 stills!)
  • Restoration (14 minutes)
  • Akira Glossary (100 stills)
  • Capsule option

    The capsule option is interesting, and it was the most discussed option before release of the R1. It is cute (a capsule appears on the screen and you press a button to view more information), but it's not a huge feature to miss.

    The only feature on the Region 4 disc which does not appear on the Region 1 is the original English dub - it is quite a nice thing to have.

    I'd be happy to recommend the Region 4 disc, due to its much lower price, even without the vast range of extras. The problem is that the video quality of the Region 1 disc is substantially better - better colour fidelity, and lower aliasing. If you want the best available quality of video, get the R1. If you want as many extras as possible, get the R1. If you want the movie, in reasonable video quality, with only the most important extras, then the R4 is for you.