Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Seven: Special Edition=

The Region 4 version of this disc misses out on;

  • DVD-ROM content
  • Gatefold slip case

The Region 1 version of this disc misses out on;

  • 224 kbps commentary tracks (192 kbps tracks provided)
  • Amaray Dual disc case

    The only thing missing from the Region 4 disc is the DVD-ROM content. This includes a copy of the script with links to each chapter, a collection of 12 still photos, links to 7 fan sites, a one page reading list, and a still page from John Doe's notebook relating to each of the sins. As both the photos and notebooks are covered extensively in other extras, the reading list contains just a repetition of the book titles listed in the film, and a quick search of the web will locate a copy of the script and fan sites, this content is of no real loss. Consequently I would prefer the higher resolution of the R4 PAL transfer and Amaray case but either version would make an excellent addition to any DVD collection.