Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Explanatory Notes
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Title Best

    The Region 4 release misses out:

  • Behind The Scenes Montage (8:29)
  • Notes - Pi
  • Notes - Book Of Ants
  • more extensive audio and animation enhancement of menus

    The Region 1 release misses out:

  • Notes - Soundtrack
  • Trailers (5)

    The only essential difference between the two versions is the behind the scenes montage, which I actually found quite interesting even if the technical quality is very much on a par with home video stuff (which it really is I suppose). The look of the film to me seems to be slightly better in the NTSC Region 1 release, being perhaps a little grittier. Overall the call would be very marginally in favour of the Region 1 release content-wise but price-wise, Region 4 would have to be the clear winner.