Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Un chien andalouR4

    Un Chien Andalou has been released in Region 1 in The USA and Region 2 in France and The United Kingdom.

    The Region 1 US version contains the following:

    An audio commentary by Stephen Barber, A Slice of Buñuel documentary (16:10),Epilogue: Dali & Buñuel Interview (with Buñuel's son) (4:40).

    The Region 2 French version contains the following:

    A Mirror Film interview with journalist Philippe Rouyer (18:38), Surrealism documentary (17:46), I Don't Define Myself clip from Cinéastes de notre temps TV show (5:00), Dali and Buñuel (9:40), Interview with Juan-Luis Buñuel (11:00), Between Rupture and Repair interview with Jean-Claude Carrière (12:04). Note that all these extras are in French with no English subtitles.

    The Region 2 UK version contains the following:

    An audio commentary by Robert Short, A Proposito De Bunuel documentary with optional English subtitles (99:15), Introduction by Robert Short with optional English subtitles (25:20). This release includes subtitles for the main feature and the commentary. It is also part of a dual DVD release with Bunuel's 1930 film, L'Age d'or.

    In summary, the Region 4 release is a quality release that should easily suffice the appetite of cineastes with a love for World Cinema history, however, the region 2 UK release, in a set with L'Age d'or has similar extras to the region 4 release and is highly recommended also.