Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Batman: The Animated Series=

This collection is almost identical to the Region 1 disc which was released in July 2004. The menus and the episode order are also identical. Included on the third disc of the Region 1 collection is a Tour of the Batcave, which is a series of information screens with a voice-over that describes Batman, his utility belt, his vehicles and his butler Alfred. I found this extra to be somewhat tedious and annoying, and is obviously aimed at younger viewers. The languages and subtitles vary slightly in favour of the local disc: the Region 1 has spoken and subtitled English, French, Spanish; the Region 4 has spoken and subtitled English, French, Italian, as well as Dutch subtitles. I was given only review discs, so I don't know what type of packaging will be used. Region 1 is presented in a good-looking gatefold case, with various images arranged in panels.

As these versions are almost identical, and the Tour of the Batcave is only a minor extra, the choice between regions comes down to the difference between the Region 4 PAL and the Region 1 NTSC transfers. And if that doesn't worry you so much, then buy on price.