Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Blood on Satan's Claw (Satan's Skin)R4

    The transfer used for the Region 4 looks to be taken from the Anchor Bay UK release. There are some differences. In comparison to the Region 2, the Region 4 misses out on

  • Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack
  • DTS 5.1 soundtrack
  • An additional trailer
  • Liner notes by Jonathon Sothcott
  • Cast and crew biographies
  • DVD-ROM extra: the original stories by Robert Wynne-Simmons

    In contrast, the Region 2 misses out on

  • Making of featurette

    The audio remixes are really neither here nor there, as they are recent reworkings of the original audio material. The only substantial missing extras are the original stories on which the film was based on DVD-ROM, and that may not be enough to persuade potential buyers to shop overseas, particularly when the making of featurette is unique to Region 4. It should be noted that the photo gallery on the Region 2 is more substantial than that on the Region 4, and that the Region 2 is also not 16x9 enhanced. I think that the Region 4 probably wins by a whisker.