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High Tension (Haute Tension)R2UK
    There are a few different releases out there and they all vary slightly.

    The Region 1 (NTSC) disc from Lion's Gate (also titled High Tension 90:48) includes the following extras:

  • English Audio Commentary with Director/Writer Alexandre Aja and Screenwriter/Art Director Gregory Lecasseur
  • Introduction by Alexandre Aja and Gregory Lecasseur
  • Haute Horror: Making Of High Tension
  • Featurette- Building Tension
  • Giannetto De Rossi: The Truth, The Madness & The Magic
  • Selected Scenes Commentary with Alexandre Aja and Actress Cecile De France (46:00)
  • Trailers for Crash, Rize, House of D, Desperate Souls, Undead, Dark Harvest 2 & Saw 2

    The Region 2 UK (PAL) release from Optimum (titled Switchblade Romance 87:00) includes an additional English Audio Commentary by Director Alexandre Aja and Actress Cecile de France. Reviews of this title speak very highly of the video quality.

    A Korean Region 3 (NTSC) edition exists and is comprised of two discs with French dts audio and optional English subtitles. Unfortunately the transfer is a PAL-NTSC conversion.

    The Region 2 French (PAL) release by EuropaCorp (titled Haute Tension 87:00) is spread over two discs and boasts a high, constant video bitrate along with a full bitrate French dts soundtrack. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles provided at all.

    Our Region 4 disc appears to be the same as the French Region 2 release (condensed onto a single disc), but omits the dts audio in favour of an English dub.

    The local product is good, but I'm inclined to prefer the Optimum UK Edition for the commentary. Be sure to shop around for this one as prices vary.