Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Night of the Living Dead (Umbrella)R1
   Unfortunately, because this film is in the public domain there are so many DVD releases of it it's difficult to tell what to get. Although this release by Umbrella is very good, it cannot hold a candle to the R0 US Elite Entertainment "Millenium Edition" which includes two commentary tracks, a 5.1 audio track, and a variety of additional extras. However, that doesn't include the documentary we get on this disc, and has more of the image issues expected with NTSC transfers, including interlacing. Ultimately, though, the R0 wins out, with the audio and extras.

   I must make additional mention here not to buy the aforementioned 30th Anniversary Edition DVD of the film, which despite including a slightly better transfer, has 15 horrible minutes of horrible new footage shot in the horrible 1990's and not by Romero, as well as a horrible new score that could bring the dead back to life. Never, ever buy this. It is sacrilege.