Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Naruto-Volume 1: Enter the NinjaR1

    Naruto is available in two formats in Region 1, although neither are quite the same as the Region 4 release.

    The "cut" episodes (up to the 28th episode, at the time of writing) are available on individual bare bones discs, four episodes each per disc and no special features. The dub on these episodes is reportedly quite soul-less. These are undeniably the least preferable way to buy Naruto.

    There are also two "uncut" packages available in Region 1 that feature both the cut and uncut versions of each episode. Each package contains 13 episodes (1-13 and 14-26) spread over 3 discs. This edition is presented in a reasonably stylish, embossed, shiny foil package, with a booklet featuring storyboards from the episodes. Content-wise this edition is quite comparable to the Region 4 version (and is priced around the same mark as three discs of the Region 4 release), only with nicer packaging and addition of the "cut" episodes for the curious. These Region 1 "uncut" boxes are the version of choice for anyone happy to import, although the main difference is cosmetic.