Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Funny Games (Directors Suite)R4

    The edition of Funny Games in Region 4 is the pre-eminent version available in the World at the moment for English speakers.

Only the Region 2 Scandinavian and German versions have an anamorphic presentation and the interview with Haneke. Quite frankly, I would be frightened to go to bed after watching the film without also watching this interview. The French version has a longer excerpt from the interview. However, this may not be a big bonus. The Haneke interview on this DVD was culled from a lengthy interview with Haneke when he discussed all his films. It may be that they have put in more material that can be found on the other Haneke releases in Region 4.

No other version has the commentary track which is a good guide to the ideas at work.

If you dare - rush out and buy this version.