Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Mummy Returns, The (HD DVD)R4
    The 2-Disc Collector's Edition included these additional items:
  • DVD-Rom content
  • The Scorpion King promotional material (The Rock interview and a Trailer)
  • Egyptology text pages
  • Video game trailers
  • Universal Studios propaganda
  • Cast & Crew bios (which would be way out of date by now)

    As I said above, only the really worthwhile extras have been retained, most of the above is promotional fluff.

    The North American version of this HD DVD title includes the My Scenes function, allowing the user to program and repeat their favourite bits of the film. Our local product has greater support for foreign languages, but with more soundtrack options I'd be very interested to know if our image quality has suffered. Like most other Universal HD titles, it is identical to the European release, even down to the Euro ratings logos printed on the label side of the disc.