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Adventures of Antoine Doinel, The (Truffaut Collection)R1

The local 4 disc set DVD release of The Adventures of Antoine Doinel series of films are housed with a booklet featuring an essay by Stuart Braun.

The best release of The Adventures of Antoine Doinel series is from The Criterion Collection.

The box set features the following special features and specifications over 5 discs:

  • New digital transfers of all films enhanced for widescreen televisions and improved subtitle translation for all films.
  • Truffaut's short film, Les Mistons with audio commentary by Claude de Givray.
  • Audio/visual primer for Les Mistons by film historian Serge Toubiana.
  • Working with François Truffaut featurette.
  • Excerpt from the rare documentary François Truffaut (1961).
  • Interview from the 1981 French TV show Champ contre champ.
  • Promotional art gallery for each feature film.
  • Two audio commentaries for Les Quatre Cents Coups.
  • Rare audition footage of Les Quatre Cents Coups stars Jean-Pierre Léaud, Patrick Auffay and Richard Kanayan
  • Newsreel footage of Jean-Pierre Léaud in Cannes.
  • Television interview featuring Truffaut discussing his childhood, critical writings, and the origins of the character of Antoine Doinel.
  • Television interview with Truffaut discussing the financial success of Les Quatre Cents Coups.
  • Collection of original theatrical trailers for each feature film.
  • Introduction to Baisers volés by Serge Toubiana
  • Interview excerpt from the TV show Cinéastes de notre temps.
  • Archival newsreel footage of the Langlois Affair.
  • Promotional spot of Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut appealing for public support of Henri Langlois.
  • Newsreel footage of Truffaut's rally to shut down the 1968 Cannes Film Festival in support of striking students and workers.
  • Rare behind-the-scenes footage from the Domicile conjugal set.
  • Rare television interview with Jean-Pierre Léaud.
  • Rare footage of Truffaut and co-writer Bernard Revon.
  • Interview footage of Truffaut discussing the character of Antoine Doinel.
  • Rare television interview excerpt with Truffaut and actress/co-writer Marie-France Pisier.
  • Excerpt from a 1980 interview with Truffaut on the TV show Cinescope.
  • Excerpt from the 1972 documentary Approches du cinema.

The R2 France Mk2 box set features a similar set of extras but the extras do not include English subtitles.

Please note the local release features the same transfers as the Mk2 releases.

The best release is the Region 0 Criterion Box Set which retails for about $100 (AU) dollars.