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Letters from Iwo JimaR1

   As well as the Red Sun, Black Sand featurette Region 1 has a Special Edition of the movie which comes with the extras below:

"The Faces of Combat: The Cast of Letters from Iwo Jima" -featurette (18:36 min)
"Images from the Frontlines: The Photography of Letters from Iwo Jima" -featurette (3:24 min)
"November 2006 World Premiere at Budo-kan in Tokyo" -featurette (16 min)
"November 2006 Press Conference" -featurette (24:26 min)

A 5 DVD edition is also available in Region 1 which includes Flags and Letters with all the features and an extra DVD of features. The avid fan would probably want this edition.

The film is available on high definition formats but it has not been released yet in this form in Region B.