Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Seven Swords (Chat Gim): Ultimate EditionR1

    The Region 1 Dragon Dynasty DVD of Seven Swords is also a 2 disc set. The feature has a commentary by Bey Logan & Tsui Hark and the extra disc contains deleted and extended scenes (23:27), plus the Behind the Scenes, Making of and trailers and TV spots we have. However, also included are substantive interviews with Tsui Hark (45:11), Donnie Yen (25:43), Zhang Jing-chu (17:58) and Duncan Lai (25:50) and a Storyboard Gallery. Region 1 also has Cantonese and Mandarin 5.1 audio.

There is also a Region 3 Limited Edition. It has the same Making Of and Shooting Diaries, but also includes an interview with Donny Yen and Cantonese and Mandarin 5.1 audio.

Region 4 is clearly inferior - a win to Region 1.