Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Festen (The Celebration)R2E

   Festen has been released in Region 1 in the United States and Canada, Region 2 in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands and in Region 0 (i.e. region-free) in the United Kingdom and China.

    The Region 1 Canadian and US releases have no extras. The Canadian release has a French dub.

    The Region 2 Italian release has text extras with an Italian dub.

    The Region 2 Dutch release has text extras including an interview with director Thomas Vinterberg and an alternative ending featurette.

    The Region 2 German release has text extras with a German dub.

    The Region 2 French release has an interview with director Thomas Vinterberg and cast biographies but includes a French dub soundtrack, the original Danish soundtrack is omitted.

    The Region 2 Danish release by distribution company, Sandbox includes an alternative ending, an interview with director Thomas Vinterberg and cast and crew biographies. This release also contains English subtitles.

    The Region 2 Danish 10th Anniversary release by Sandrew Metronome comes in a box set with other notable dogme 95 films, The Idiots, Mifuneand The King Is Alive. This release includes a 16 page booklet, an audio commentary with director Thomas Vinterberg, a 57-minute documentary on the co-scriptwriter of Festen, Mogens Rukov, The Celebration in retrospect featurette, the disclosure of The Celebration featurette, The Making of The Celebration featurette and Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by director Thomas Vinterberg.

    The Region 0 Chinese release has a "bumped up" Danish Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack.

    The Region 0 UK release contains only text extras.

    The Region 2 10th Anniversary Sandrew Metronome release, with the director's commentary and documentary on Rukov is the best release, however it is a box set including the other dogme95 films. The Region 4 Umbrella release, with three featurettes found on the 10th Anniversary release and deleted scenes, represents the best value-for-quality version of Festen currently available.