Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Bothersome Man, The (Brysomme mannen, Den)R4

    This DVD is available in Region 1. That DVD apparently includes a short film and some information about the director and cast but is otherwise pretty barren. The Region 2 UK release is completely barren of extras and, like the Region 1, has only 2.0 sound.

The French Region 2 has a couple of interesting extras including an interview with director Jens Liens (23:19) and "Natural Glasses" short film (1:00) but unfortunately has only French subtitles.

On the face of it the best edition available seems to be the Region 2 Norway edition which has an audio commentary by director Jens Liens and screenwriter Per Schreiner as well as a "Making-of" featurette (20:00) and Storyboards. This edition is apparently English subtitled but I don't know whether the commentary and extras are also subtitled. Perhaps one of our Norwegian readers could fill me in on this.

For safety's sake I will still rate Region 4 as the best.