Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Master of the House (Du skal śre din hustru) (Directors Suite)=

††† This film was also released in Region 2 by the British Film Institute. As far as I can tell from the reviews of that release, the Madman release is of the same quality. I'm not sure that it is the same transfer. The BFI appears to have replaced the original Danish titles with new English titles, while the Madman looks to have used an old print that had English titles. They have the look of being done at least as long ago as the 1960s if not earlier.

††† The extras are also different: the BFI includes Good Mothers but the other short is They Caught the Ferry. Instead of the Roos documentary the BFI has the 90-minute documentary My Metier, which is also included in Criterion's box set of Dreyer's last three major films. On this basis the BFI probably wins on the extras. However the running time of the BFI is uncertain: one review site lists 91 minutes, another 114 minutes. The BFI site itself lists 92 minutes as the running time. This may be due to the speed at which the film is shown, but without a copy of the BFI to hand I cannot confirm anything.

††† The film does not appear to be available on DVD in Region 1.