Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Dreyer: Master Filmmaker (Directors Suite)R4
This set of films is also available (without the silent film) as part of the Criterion Collection. That box set includes the documentary as a fourth DVD but otherwise boasts:
- New digital transfers of all the films, supervised by Gertrud cinematographer Henning Bendtsen
- Interview footage with cast members from Day of Wrath, Ordet, and Gertrud
- Archival footage of Dreyer during the production of Gertrud
- Interviews with Dreyer cinematographers Henning Bendtsen and Jurgen Roos
- A 22-page booklet, including a reprint of Dreyer’s essay “Thoughts on My Metier”
- An extensive essay by Dreyer scholar Edvin Kau
- Stills galleries accompanying each film
- Gertrud enhanced for 16x9 televisions

For the Dreyer fanatic these features are excellent however the Region 4 set has the advantage of the inclusion of Dreyer's short films even if They Caught the Ferry is included twice!