Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Lili Marleen (Directors Suite)R4

The film has been released In Region 2 in France, Denmark and Germany.

The French version has a 1:66:1 non-16x9 enhanced transfer with a French and German dub and French subtitles. There are no extras.

The Danish version has a 1:66:1 non-16x9 enhanced transfer with the original English audio and Danish subtitles. There are no extras.

The German version has a 1:66:1 16x9 enhanced transfer with a German dub and no subtitles. Extras include:

Menu, Chapter overview

Memories of Lili Marleen (6 min)

Juliane Lorenz on Lili Marleen (27 min)

Interview with Fassbinder (17 min)

Report of the shooting (4 min)

Star infos (text panels)

filmographies (Text panels)

The German version seems to have been restored by the Rainer Werner Fassbinder foundation. The Region 4 release is the only release that contains a commentary. Since the Region 2 German release has no subtitling in English, English-speaking fans of Fassbinder's would have to settle for Region 4 release as the best option for viewing Lili Marleen. German-speaking fans may opt for the Region 2 German release.