Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Public Enemy #1 (L'ennemi public n°1)R2UK

     There is not currently a Region 1 release. The Region 2 UK also has the two films packaged together. It includes film trailers but in addition each film has a making of; that for Part 1 runs 47:32, that for Part 2 runs 44:53. These extras make the Region 2 DVD a better choice.

     There are also Blu-ray Region B releases in both France and the UK. The French release has extras and PIP but no subtitles. The English Blu-ray has the two “making of” as on the DVD and more additional featurettes including an interview with director Richel (25:03), a featurette on the characters (17:55) and one on the score (10:12). However, both parts of the film, plus all the extras, are on one 50Gb disc and some reviewers have commented that this affects the picture quality.